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Thinking of buying a pub? Follow these tips to make it successful

Buying a pub can be a fun experience, whether you do it on your own or with friends. It gives you the opportunity to choose what drinks you will serve and how much, what food items to serve, and how to decorate the pub. Here are some tips for choosing the right pub and running it successfully.

Consider the Conditions of the Pub

You have likely already considered how much you can afford to pay when buying the bar and are researching the area to be sure it will be profitable. However, the pub search doesn't stop there. You also need to consider the current condition of the pub and what repairs might be needed. If you fail to consider upgrades and renovations in your budget, you could be looking at dipping into your personal savings account just to pay for the repairs. Have the pub inspected thoroughly, checking everything from the walls and ground, to the plumbing, electrical system, and stock room. Also consider the costs of aesthetic improvements you want to make.

Choose What Food to Serve

If you have a kitchen in your bar, serving at least some appetizers and happy hour food is recommended. You don't have to be a full-fledged pub and grill, though you definitely can if that is what interests you. There are multiple things to consider when creating a pub menu, from items that work well with the drinks you serve, to items that people in the local area are often in the mood for and food items that are easy to eat while socializing. Also consider the type of cuisine you will have, such as regional food only or international food options. You can go with pub basics like burgers and appetizers, or add more unique flavors like Mexican tapas or Italian pasta.

Create a Signature Drink

An excellent draw to your new pub can be having a signature drink. Work with experienced bartenders that know the majority of current drinks, so nothing is repeated and just named something different. Work with different types of liquor, liqueur, and mixers to create something truly unique. This is going to take quite a bit of time, experimentation and testing, so make it a party by inviting friends to your pub and trying out all the options. You can even turn this into a grand opening event where your first customers get to try the different signature drinks and vote for the best one.