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Why opt for a self-contained apartment for your next holiday trip?

For many travellers and tourists looking for accommodation for their Australia stay, the first option that races to mind is a hotel. However, there's another option that may suit you fine-a self-contained apartment. Read on to find out why.


With a self-contained apartment, you get the chance to settle in, regardless of how long you intend to stay. In other words, self-contained apartments provide a home away from home, with the option of a working kitchen, a work desk, a living room and more privacy and luxury—not simply a room with just a bed. This is quite advantageous if you are travelling with your family or a group of friends. Everyone has their privacy when necessary but still revels in spending time together in a spacious living room.

Prepare your own meals

You don't want to eat out all the time in restaurants and cafes, do you? Thanks to a fully-equipped kitchen, you can enjoy preparing your own meals during your stay. Making a cup of coffee does not have to involve a kettle balanced on something the size of a footrest with nowhere to place the small mug. Just buy food stuffs from the local market and prepare a delicious meal in your kitchen. This option is also fantastic if you have certain dietary needs or if you are travelling with kids.

Living room to chill and relax

Relax after a day well spent shopping or sightseeing on a comfortable sofa in the living room and watch a movie instead of seating on a bed with pillows as is the case in a hotel. Moreover, if you're visiting your friends or family, you can also invite them over to your self-contained apartment. There's plenty of space to chill and entertain.

Space to do your work

If you're on a business trip, you understand that working on a laptop while seated on a bed can be inconvenient. Free yourself from the possible back ache involved and sit comfortably in the lounge or dining table. With free wireless internet, you can finish your work in no time.

Although staying in a hotel liberates you from the responsibility of cooking and cleaning on your own, setting your alarm clock for the hotel breakfast service feels totally at loggerheads with the holiday mood. Holidays should be relaxed, and that's where self-contained apartments come in handy. With apartments, you don't have to worry about interruptions from housekeeping. Further, there's no need to set alarms for meals.