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4 Reasons It Still Pays to Book Your Hotel Room Early

Modern travellers don't really have to worry so much about making early bookings as people did in the past. After all, it's entirely possible to pull out your smartphone a couple of days before you arrive at your destination, take a look through an online booking site, and then take your pick. You can even use this method to book on the day you need the room, and many hotels will offer discounts if they need those rooms filled.

Going down this route often appeals to solo travellers who enjoy being flexible, but booking well in advance still comes with its own set of benefits. Here are just four.

1. Your Choice of Room

If you're visiting a major city or tourist destination, you'll probably have no trouble finding a bed somewhere in town. Unfortunately, you never know exactly where a hotel is going to place you; if you're booking late, it's likely that you won't enjoy much choice. The most sought-after rooms, such as those that are close to the pool or offer a good view, will probably have been snatched up.

2. Flexibility

Booking at the last minute might sound like it will provide plenty of flexibility, but this is not always the case. Cancellation policies are often more generous if you have booked up your room well in advance. If you take advantage of a last minute deal, you might find that you're not allowed to claim a refund if your plans need to change.

3. Increased Communication

If you'll be staying in a tourist hot-spot, it's best to talk to the hotel in advance in order to take advantage of deals. Certain tour companies, for example, will offer incentives to people staying in certain hotels, and the experienced team members who run the establishment will be able to let you know about any events or sights that other people tend to miss.

4. String Together Stays in the Same Chain

If you're going on a multi-stage journey, such as a road trip, you're naturally going to need to book up several hotels along the way. In this case, it's always best to try to book within the same chain of hotels. This often provides significant incentives, such as reduced costs or upgrades to superior rooms; all hotels want to hang onto their loyal guests. Booking in advance will let you take full advantage of these reward programs.

Making a last minute hotel booking might have become more convenient in the digital age, but reserving your room ahead of time is still the smartest move you can make.