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Questions to Ask Before Renting a Serviced Apartment

A serviced apartment is an actual apartment that is rented out like a hotel room; it will be fully furnished and will also typically include a 24-hour number you can call for assistance, like a front desk but without the actual desk! These apartments are good for families or groups or for anyone who wants a bit more room than a hotel. If you're looking into this sort of accommodation when on holiday or a business trip, note a few questions to ask so you know you get the right choice and know everything involved in its rental.

Ask about the kitchen facilities

A serviced apartment will include a kitchen, but you might note what is included in that kitchen. Typically you'll find a coffeemaker as well as a stove and refrigerator, but you don't want to assume it will have a microwave, toaster, blender, and other such small appliances. You also might not assume it will have a dishwasher, unless you see that noted in the marketing materials for the apartment. It's also good to ask if there are any restrictions on cooking so you don't bring a portable grill or other such appliance, only to find that it's prohibited in the unit.

Ask about parking

If you're renting a car or driving yourself to your serviced apartment, always ask about parking. Some apartments, especially those in big cities, won't have a parking lot attached to the building. You may need to find a nearby lot or pay for a reserved space outside or elsewhere. The closest lot or lot for the building may also be a block or more away. In some cases you might want to rely on taxi services instead of a vehicle, if parking will be very cumbersome for the serviced apartment.

Note restrictions as to the number of guests

While a serviced apartment can mean better accommodations for your family or travel group, this doesn't mean you can always bring as many people as you want to the apartment with you. There may be a restriction as to adult guests, an age limit for children or limit as to the number of children, and the like. This might also apply to temporary guests, such as those you meet in your travels or business associates you know and who you want to bring back to the apartment with you just for the evening. Be sure you ask about this so you don't face unexpected fines or fees from the apartment.