Why opt for a self-contained apartment for your next holiday trip?

For many travellers and tourists looking for accommodation for their Australia stay, the first option that races to mind is a hotel. However, there's another option that may suit you fine-a self-contained apartment. Read on to find out why. Spacious With a self-contained apartment, you get the chance to settle in, regardless of how long you intend to stay. In other words, self-contained apartments provide a home away from home, with the option of a working kitchen, a work desk, a living room and more privacy and luxury—not simply a room with just a bed. [Read More]

Thinking of buying a pub? Follow these tips to make it successful

Buying a pub can be a fun experience, whether you do it on your own or with friends. It gives you the opportunity to choose what drinks you will serve and how much, what food items to serve, and how to decorate the pub. Here are some tips for choosing the right pub and running it successfully. Consider the Conditions of the Pub You have likely already considered how much you can afford to pay when buying the bar and are researching the area to be sure it will be profitable. [Read More]

Unforgettable Vacations | 3 Fabulous Treats To Look For In Beach Hotels

If you're planning on taking a coastal vacation, then you need to plan everything from flight tickets and activities to entertainment and hotels. While planning activities and entertainment is purely based on your personal tastes, some beach hotels offer better facilities than others. This guide is designed to highlight some fabulous treats to look for in beach hotels. Look For Beachfront Properties If you're in the mood for a coastal vacation, then a beachfront property with easy beachside accessibility is ideal for your needs. [Read More]